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Letter from the Rav

As I reflect upon our Shul’s first fifteen years, many thoughts come to mind. 

I recall so many new introductions that have since developed and flourished into close, meaningful relationships.

I contemplate challenges we have faced - some endured by individuals, some by the community as one. And I am heartened by our ability to have persevered through these challenges - and even grown because of them.

I see in my mind’s eye what the community looked like fifteen years ago. And then I look at the community as it is today.  How beautiful and heartwarming it is to think of all that has been achieved, and all that we as a Shul have been able to provide to our community. Beautiful and meaningful Davening, learning opportunities at so many levels, programming for youth and adults. But most of all, a sense of care, belonging and friendship felt by all - in times of Simcha, in times of sadness, and on any given day.  

Indeed, what we have achieved together is nothing short of amazing.

And now, the time has come for us to build a home for our Shul that is commensurate with all that we have achieved. The inner beauty of our community deserves an external structure that reflects that beauty. But even more importantly, our beautiful new home will enable us to continue to expand upon all of our tremendous accomplishments. With ample space for Davening, a comfortable and spacious Ezras Noshim, a dedicated learning center, classrooms, engaging and diverse spaces for children, Simcha hall and kitchen – our new facility will empower us to bring our impact to the next level.  

I am excited beyond words at the prospect of what our Shul’s next fifteen years – and beyond - hold in store. Now is your opportunity to join hands with us and become a part of this thrilling endeavor. My deepest gratitude for your consideration, and may Hash-m shower you and yours with much Bracha.

Rabbi Avraham Jacobs

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